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  1. lisabhaji

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    im looking for info on diving in Barbados. Where are the popular spots where most people dive in Barbados and id there adequate transportation to get there? thanks
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    hi there,

    Most diving in Barbados takes place between the northern area of Bridgetown and extends all the way down to the St. Lawrence Gap, where you can explore abandoned ship wrecks and a variety of flora and fauna, including gigantic sponges, coral, and dozens of varieties of fish.

    You can get a private car hire, use both public and private busses, or use a car rental to get to the diving sites.
  3. Barbados Realtor

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    There are some excellent wreck dives in Barbados, the Stav is a particular favourite of mine. The prop sits in ~140ft of water so is accessible to sport divers.
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    Barbados Diving Operators

    I just spent a week on Barbados and went diving with 3 different outfits so I just wanted to give some info so perhaps it may be useful to you when planning on diving there. Three of the main diving operators in Barbados are Barbados Blue, Reefers & Wreckers and Underwater Barbados.

    Barbados Blue is the largest dive operator on the island and they run timed dives; while Reefers & Wreckers and Underwater Barbados offer no dive restrictions. As far as prices, most dive operators in Barbados offer special deals, which may includes free use of a wet suit and the scuba gear.

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