diving vacation in Fiji in December

Discussion in 'Fiji' started by EtroAnime, Oct 15, 2013.

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    Fiji is a great place to go on vacation but December isn't the best time for diving because it's Fiji's rainy season and rain will make the water visibility not as good. If I were you I would wait till either July or August because not only visibility is great but marine life is more prolific. Oh by the way, the best diving in Fiji is done on Taveuni.
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    best time of year to dive in Fiji

    Anytime between April and October is a good time for diving in Fiji but make sure to bring a wetsuit with you if you travel between June and August because the water is kind of cold that time of year.

    Taveuni is great for diving and so it's the Great White Wall. If you want to get PADI certified, head to the Castaway Island, which is Fiji's only resort-owned dive centre.
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    where to dive in Fiji

    So many great diving spots to choose from...Matamanoa, Navini (half way between Treasure and Malolo) and Beqa are all pretty good places for diving right off the beach. Also, from some of these places like Matamanoa you can hire boats and head out to the sea for more diving spots.
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    best diving spot in Fiji

    I have been to Fiji twice (both times in august) and had a superb vacation there every time. The coral reefs there are so beautiful near Taveui Island, though if you really want to enjoy the best diving in Fiji I would go to the Naia. This spot has many diverse dive sites as well as huge soft coral heads of all varieties and fish of many kinds like reef sharks, white tips and barracudas.

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