Djurgardsfarjan ferries

Discussion in 'Sweden' started by wanderer, Oct 13, 2012.

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    It's a long name for a small boat. Thanks to the small waterways throughout Stockholm and the surrounding islands, it's easy and inexpensive to travel by water. The system of ferries, called the Djurgardsfarjan ferries gets people around to the major attractions and neighborhoods.

    Have you used the ferries? Have any advice for us?
  2. purpleJohn

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    ferries in Stockholm

    yes the local ferries are relaly the best and inexensive way to experience and get around Stockholm. The main ferry services are Djurgården ferry, Nybro ferry and the M/S Emelie. The Djurgården ferry is great because as with the SL access card you get to travel free on the ferry. The M/S Emelie ferry runs daily as well and it is handicap friendly.
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    cruises are cheaper in winter

    ferries aren't always the are cheaper than one-way ferries during the winter months. Viking cruises was offering last year really cheap cruises to Helsinki from Stockholm for only €15. The only thing about cruising in winter is that the sea can be rough, though because the cruise ships are so huge you hardly feel it!

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