Do I need a visa to go to Thailand?

Discussion in 'Thailand' started by wanderer, Apr 10, 2012.

  1. wanderer

    wanderer Moderator

    Does an American need a visa to go to Thailand? It makes sense to get the all the important papers taken care of before we leave of course. What would you say? Do you need a visa for your Thailand holidays?
  2. Saw6

    Saw6 New Member

    visa for Thailand

    Us Americans and most Europeans don't need a will just get your passport stamped at the border control. Mind you though, you can only stay in Thailand for days without a visa. By the way, the 30 day visa free stay is free of charge:)
  3. radiotulip

    radiotulip New Member

    Thailand visa requirements

    You won't need a visa as long as you can proof that you won't be staying there indefinitely(i.e. if you have an open ticket you will need a visa). Also, I would suggest not to overstay your welcome...there is an overstay fee if you remain in the country longer than 30 days and you can risk not being able to travel back to Thailand in the future.
  4. PatricStrow

    PatricStrow New Member

    Actually I didn't have any problems with my overstaying in Thailand. Just pay a fine at immigration and it was ok.
  5. lusylaw

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    Hello wanderer
    You do not need visa for Thailand. You can stay in Thailand without visa but you need to identification cards which help you in Thailand.
  6. jeffreyty002

    jeffreyty002 New Member

    If you are an American I don't think you need a visa if you want to visit Thailand. What I am not sure about it for how many days you can stay there as there is a limitation for sure. Though I believe you can stay there for a maximum of 1 month only or 30 days to be exact.
  7. Narayani Tours

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    Thanks Guys for sharing your permission view and experience regarding Visa for Thailand.

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