Do I need a visa to travel to Azerbaijan?

Discussion in 'Azerbaijan' started by ElCamono, May 24, 2013.

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    The short answer to the question is yes. You will have to apply for your Azeri tourist visa with the Embassy in your country. Having said this, the visa application requires a letter of invitation from either your hotel or registered Azeri travel agent. Just get the hotel or travel agent in Azerbaijan to provide the letter for you. They will know what it requires.
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    I would think it would be smart to work with a travel agent or an expect on travel to Azerbaijan. They would know about the details you have to take care of you and would have some advice you can't just find by booking a trip to Baku on the Internet. It's smart to go with an expert when you're traveling to the less familiar destinations.
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    Azerbaijan is not the easiest country to get into...prior 2010 you could get a visa on arrival at the airport but stopped doing that as of 2011. For an LOI, the most reliable and economical "agency" is "Azerbaijan 24". I'd personally would fly to Tbilisi and get the tourist visa at the Azerbaijan embassy there.
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    Just wanted to add that transit and short stay single entry visas are no longer available at Heydar Aliyev International Airport in Baku. Also, as an American I too suggest you get your visa in america because you may not be able to get a visa for Azerbaijani outside of the United States.
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