Do you need a visa for Botswana?

Discussion in 'Botswana' started by Boffinz, Dec 12, 2012.

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    Just wanted to help clarify the visa requirements for Botswana in case anyone from USA, Canada, etc is planning to travel there and dont know whether or not they need to apply for one. First of all, all citizens of Commonwealth countries do not require visa except those from Bangladesh, Ghana, India, Nigeria, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka.

    This means as a Canadian, British and American citizen you dont have to apply for one so dont be duped by tour operators telling you that you need a visa. You will just get a stamp on your passport on arrival, which is valid for 90 days in the country.
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    Yes, you need a visa for Botswana

    Are you sure about this? I have just checked out and they say you need one. It's correct that as a U.S. citizen you can stay in Botswana up to 90 days but you must get a visa in advance before traveling. In fact, you cannot obtain a visa upon arrival in Botswana, and as a U.S. citizen without a visa will be fine and keep you waiting for hours. Get one before traveling.
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    visa requirements botswana uk citizens

    As far as i know, British citizens dont nee a visa to enter Botswana and we can stay a maximum of 90 days, though dont overstay this time because you wil find difficult coming back again. If you need to stay longer than 90 days in the country, all you gotta do is request this from the Department of Immigration. Botswana High Commission is located in London (at 6 Stratford Place, London W1C 1AY). their telephone is (020) 7499 0031. hope this helps someone.

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