Do you need to rent a car in Atlanta?

Discussion in 'Georgia' started by Vicolette, Sep 14, 2011.

  1. Vicolette

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    There are so many places to visit in the Atlanta area from Stone Mountain to Centennial Park. With the MARTA transit system and cabs convenient to get around town, is it necessary to add the expense of renting a car while staying in the city?
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  2. airforke1

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    getting around in Atlanta

    hey Vicolette, buses and trains will be cheaper than renting but if there is a major event or festival in town, there will be real crowded with MARTA is always busy with tourists , which can be a good and annoying thing. If you're new to Atlanta, then I'd recommend using MARTA over car rental because you won't get lost, you won't get stuck in traffic, and you will save quite a few bucks in parking!

  3. bmd

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    If you're planning to stay within the city limits of Atlanta or in the immediate surrounding area, you probably don't need a rental car, especially if you're not fond of traffic, which is something that gets pretty heavy at times in this city. MARTA is the city's transit system, and it connects to just about every part of the city and surrounding area, so it really renders the rental car unnecessary. And...and it's also cheaper.
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    renting a car in Atlanta

    If you plan to rent a car, be in the know that it's more expensive to rent a car from the airport than it would be to rent one from downtown Atlanta. Saying this, just like the other posters have mentioned the Marta system is the best and most cost effective way to get around in Atlanta. You can get the Marta from the airport for $2/ow + $1 for re-usable pass.

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