Do you need to rent a car?

Discussion in 'Las Vegas Transportation: getting there and around' started by wanderer, Jul 27, 2013.

  1. wanderer

    wanderer Moderator

    Is a car rental worth the hassle when you're staying along the Strip? How is the parking if you do decide to go for it? I like the freedom of having a car to get around, but if you have to pay a fortune to park of there's not really anywhere to park, it's not really worth it. What's your take on bringing a rental car with you to Las Vegas?
  2. Flo-rida

    Flo-rida New Member

    Parking in Vegas doesn't cost a's more the hustle of driving with so many cars. The Strip Hotels all have parking garages for both visitors and hotel guests. They normally allow 2 or so hours free and then anything over that you have to pay for, usually $2 per hour.
  3. ifeellike4

    ifeellike4 New Member

    If you were to hire, lets say, a limo then it's ok but to rent a car yourself to drive around in Vegas? it depends. If you were to stay in Vegas for 3-4 weeks and plan to venture out in and around Vegas like Hoover Dam, etc; I'd yes, go for the car rental option in Vegas.
  4. Witchid4

    Witchid4 New Member

    I dont know why most people trip about driving in's not worse, no less hassle than driving in any other major cities like London, Rome, etc. It's true driving in Vegas is not easy but The Strip has about 4 lanes each way so it's not all too hectic. The alternative to driving is booking tours in Vegas to take out to explore the city.

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