Does political instability affect travel?

Discussion in 'Venezuela' started by mitraveler, Aug 26, 2012.

  1. mitraveler

    mitraveler New Member

    I'm just wondering how it is for Americans traveling to Venezuela? Officially, the country isn't very fond of America, but how is it for travelers on the ground in Venezuela?
  2. Guns&Roses

    Guns&Roses New Member

    I don't think Venezuela isn't "fond" of America for no reason. After all, they tried to unsuccessfully overthrow Hugo Chavez back in 2002, which would've meant a Syria/Libya-like situation. As far as visiting, travelers need not worry.

    It's not like American citizens are being lynched, persecuted or refused entry simply because they're American. Most people that have traveled to Venezuela will tell you that people are friendly and kind. They just don't appreciate having their country occupied or boomed to pieces like in the sad case of Iraq.
  3. Maliagginii

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    warmongering affects travel

    As far as I know american's aren't refused entry into Venezuela...I think with Venezuela you have a similar situation that america has with Cuba where our government demonizes Castro but we have an "embargo" on them. Also, if that wan't enough there's currently a travel advisory to Venezuela for US citizens visiting Venezuela. I think our government is getting a bit "silly" issuing travel warnings all over the world. Don't you?
  4. cobraFroch

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    Venezuela is no more dangerous than the US

    I have been to Venezuela for the last 10 years and this travel warning issue is nonsense. Yes, Caracas is not a safe city and it is quite dangerous, but then again, so is NYC, London, Paris, etc. If you know where to go and where not to go, you'll be fine. It's commonsense really if you think about it. Traveling by bus is very inexpensive and better than renting a car. Most of the buses are in very good condition (nothing like the horror of Greyhound if I must add...).

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