does Rehoboth Beach close in winter?

Discussion in 'Delaware' started by Pepperzzine, Jan 9, 2013.

  1. Pepperzzine

    Pepperzzine New Member

    hey folks, what's Rehoboth Beach like during the winter? Is there anything going on or is it pretty dead in the winter? Me and my wife are looking at places in Delaware to relocate to and Rehoboth Beach sounds good since several years ago we vacationed there during the summer and loved it. Thanks
  2. haydays

    haydays New Member

    Rohoboth Beach isn't nearly the same in the winter so you'll be disappointed. The good thing, though, is that it doesn't actually close down for winter so restaurants and other businesses are still open plus the ocean views are still gorgeous even in winter. I should also mention that most restaurants and shops aren't open every day..some only open at the weekend, etc.
  3. CameronD

    CameronD New Member

    Rehoboth beach summer attractions don't open until the summer. Now, it's a nice time to be in Rehoboth beach because most bars and restaurants are open and crowds are very minimal. if you plan to go there this spring or summer, I suggest taking time for a ferry day trip to Cape will really have a great pleasant ride going over there.

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