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Discussion in 'Sweden' started by TheGirl, Feb 28, 2014.

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    There are many places for dog-sledding in Sweden and one of the best places is in Klocka, which is a little town/village located near the border with Norway in the Sylarna region. Dog-sledding season in Klocka runs between mid-December and April. You can get to Klocka by flying from Stockholm to the Ostersund and stay at the Klocka Fjallgard hotel.
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    Sweden is on my list of places to visit. The dog sledding would definitely be an adventure! For anyone planning to visit, consider adding tours and day trips to your itinerary to see a little bit of everything.
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    Siberian Huskies are advice before booking is to look around because you will find several companies offering run dog sledding tours, from daytrips to multi-day expeditions. I personally suggest choosing a dog sledding tour through the wilderness to get closer to nature and spot wildlife.

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