Dogwood Festival

Discussion in 'Georgia' started by Vicolette, Feb 26, 2013.

  1. Vicolette

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    The 77th Annual Atlanta Dogwood Festival is upcoming April 19 - April 21. If you're in the city, this is one great show. Plenty of juried art on display throughout the event taking place at Piedmont Park, one of my fav Atlanta destinations. :) Food, fun, innovative artwork, activities for kids, entertainment and live music are all part of the package.
  2. Fallout-boyi

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    Dogwood Festival advice

    I have a tip for you if you plan to visit... the best time to go to the Atlanta Dogwood Festival is at 10am on Sunday morning, which is the last day of the festival. The reason being is because it's the last day of the event, some of the artists are more willing to bargain on their prices and you'll have two nice hours of low traffic before the crowds wake up and meander down there.
  3. Pepperzzine

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    Dogwood Festival parking

    nice tip fallout-boy..another tip I would add is getting to the festival as early as you can on Sunday and you'll be able to park in the Sage parking deck, which is a short walk from the festival. If you can't get early, I suggest you head to the big deck on Juniper.
  4. Tozzach

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    Atlanta Dogwood Festival is one of the reasons I love springtime in Georgia! This year’s ogwood Festival is going to feature country star Sara Evans and the Kurt Thomas band! They'll be playing on April 20th at Piedmont Park Meadow!
  5. Vicolette

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    Yes, springtime in Georgia is awesome! While enjoying the fun and festivities at the Dogwood Festival, folks should consider stopping by the Atlanta Botanical Gardens adjacent to Piedmont Park. Definitely worth a visit. :)

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