Domestic flying in Australia

Discussion in 'Australia' started by Casitapo, Jun 9, 2014.

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    The two main domestic airline companies in Australia are Tigerair and Jetstar. Out of the two, Tigerair is the most popular as it is a no frills airline, though they have a higher percentage of cancelled flights and have very strict T&C. Jetstar in the other hand it's your typical mid level airline, similar to domestic US airlines like American Airlines, Delta etc.
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    A few other domestic airlines worth checking out are Virgin Australia, Regional Express and Qantas. I believe Qantas and Virgin offer discounts when booking your international flight to Australia through them. Maybe worth checking out this out and saving yourself a few bucks:)
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    Booking internal flights in Australia

    As far as reliability and time-keeping, Qantas and Virgin Australia are definitely the best.Tiger and Jetstar seem to be a bit unreliable and definitely less than fully co-operative as soon as something goes wrong. Definitely fly Virgin as they are extremely reliable and cheaper than Qantas.

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