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Discussion in 'Dominican Republic' started by dunkans, Mar 10, 2014.

  1. dunkans

    dunkans New Member

    Here it's some info regarding Dominican Republic tourist cards. They cost $10USD per person and they can be bought online before you get there. Saying this, I wouldn't worry about buying your tourist card in advance before you fly to Dominican Republic because it takes just a few minutes to get at the airport.
  2. Flunkliks

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    Just wanted to say that if you are a citizen of the following countries: Argentina, Peru, Chile, Ecuador, Uruguay, South Korea, Israel and Japan you're not required to buy the tourist card.
  3. eternal9

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    I normally prefer getting stuff like tourist cards, etc in advance to avoid having to wait in line. That way all you have to do when you land is skip the first line where people are lining up to get the tourist card, and go straight to customs. simples!

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