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Discussion in 'Las Vegas Nightlife and Afterhours' started by Phrancheska, Jul 5, 2008.

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    Drai's Afterhours, located on Las Vegas Blvd. and Flamingo (in Bill's Gaming Hall, formerly Barbary Coast), is by far the best nightspot in Las Vegas! As the longest running afterhours in Las Vegas, Drai's has certainly set the standard by which all other nightclubs aspire to become, and yet has been successful in reinventing itself time and again. With the addition of Drai's exclusive VIP hip hop room, another dimension of afterhours was created!

    There are, of course, some things that we will never get enough of - like the intimate setting and atmosphere of Drai's, the impeccable bottle service, and, of course, the ever-evolving deep house music scene!

    It should never be overlooked, however, that it's the people that make any scene - and it is no wonder that all of the beautiful people in Vegas continue to flock to Drai's Afterhours...
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    Sounds like you work there (which is ok, especially when you really feel strongly about it)...as mentioned in my comments about Tryst, the reason for the longevity of Drai's is mainly due to strong management in Victor Drai and the Waits' brothers. If you have visited Drai's before, you will notice the similar intimate and plush setting (red velvet) feel along the backside at Tryst.

    Drai's will continue to be a cherished and legendary nightclub for years to come...hopefully Harrah's future plans will not disrupt this treasured after hours spot, but if it does (50/50 chance), expect Drai's to find a new home and re-create its iconic venue elsewhere...

    ...There is nothing like walking out of the club to the bright light of...the sun...and realization that it's 9am!
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    i'm looking for somewhere to go on New Year after the street party. Is this the place to go?

    I've also read that Tabu and Toa could be good options. It seems that Drais is located in an older casino, will that affect the night?

    I'm visiting Vegas for the second time from Newcastle, England. I've not been for New Year before though so an advice would be helpful.

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