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Discussion in 'Spain' started by ryder, Aug 31, 2006.

  1. ryder

    ryder New Member

    Does anyone know what the legal drinking age in Spain is? I've heard 21, 18, 16, even 14! I'm asking on behalf of a younger cousin who will be going abroad this winter for a few weeks.
  2. joe

    joe Guest

    Hey ryder,

    Sounds like your cousin should be okay, as the legal drinking age in Spain is 18, according to wikipedia. The probable reason there seems to be so much confusion about the actual age is because drinking laws in Spain are not handled the same as they are in the States. It's much more relaxed, and I've heard certain regions of Spain lowered their age to 16. I would assume that even if your cousin was not 18, he would not meet much resistance, so long as he isn't out there causing a scene. That could possibly cause them to make an exception ;)
  3. reis

    reis Guest

    so the drinking age is 18 or 16 in madrid where me and my boyfriend are planning to go this fall
  4. joe

    joe Guest

    It's technically 18, but the enforcement is sparse. If you're under 18, they'll likely not care. Until you start making an ass of yourself, at which point they might exclusively enforce the law on you (and/or your bf). Just drink responsibly and pay for your drinks and everyone will have a great time.
  5. greeny89

    greeny89 New Member

    Hey! i'm going to tenerife in July 07! i will be 17 wen i go, will i have any trouble getting served out there if the age limit is 18???? chris
  6. joe

    joe Guest

    As stated above, unless you're being obnoxious you should be okay. If one place won't serve you, respect their decision and know that it probably won't be too hard to find another that will. Just be responsible and respectful. Of course this is all assuming you don't look like you're 12 years old. Maybe you'll want to stop shaving for a few months beforehand ;)
  7. everyann

    everyann Guest

    I highly doubt that anyone will card you. I recently went to Spain and was the youngest of the crew. While I'm in my early 20s, I certainly don't look it, as I get carded all the time in the states. So I can tell you from experience that most restaurants or bars will proabaly just give you what you order. But do keep in mind what Joe said, I can only speak about going around Barcelona...

    Hope you have a great trip!
  8. greeny89

    greeny89 New Member

    Thanks for your advice to joe and everyann! all ive got 2 do is stay reletively un-paraletic and ill be fine! thank you very much, here's to trip of a life time! :D
  9. libby

    libby New Member

    i am going to barcelona in a few weeks, wondering what places youwould recommend to visit that are not to tight with ID?
  10. nieves22

    nieves22 New Member

    Hola, this is nieves22 from Barcelona.

    Here in Spain, they don't obligate you to show your ID card, it's not like in USA.
    So don't worry about that!

    In Barcelona. I like Jamboree, it's in Plaza Reial, near Ramblas.

    Have a good trip!
  11. holidayfriend

    holidayfriend New Member

    i make it super simple for everyone, i went to spain near benidorm, at age of 15 i didnt get stopped going into one pub or club or buying my own drinks,
    What i got told out there about the law.. but agian they dont stick by it was you can buy one drink under 18 then after that over 18 year old must buy for u and you are there responsiblity... but they dont stick to that even.

    in barcalona i went when 16/17 cant remember which. i got ID in one cafe/pub which was by a english bar man. which probably only reason he ID/ed us. lol
  12. steve89

    steve89 New Member

    hi ill be going to Benidorm in 1 weeks time with 2 girls. Im 18 myself so ill be fine but the 2 girls are both 17 they manage to get in clubs in England so do you think they will be fine??
    Also in the unlikely event of getting ID'd what should i show, i dont fancy carrying my passport around with me and i dont have a driving licence?? Do you think a photocopy of a passport would be enough??
    Thanks i appreciate your replies.....if i get any haha =]=]
  13. bigal73

    bigal73 New Member

    I have lived in Spain for over two years and am not sure of the age limit for drinking. What I can tell you in my time here I have only seen one young person drunk. She was a girl who was with an older boyfriend and was well and truly drunk but still got served.

    However, I am a keen fan of Spanish football and have watched a lot of games on TV in local bars. A lot of young supporters also frequent these places but I haven't found any of them drinking alcohol. Most are happy with Coke etc, even during 'derby' games or World Cup matches. They can be a wee bit noisy but unlike supporters in UK they don't go in for violence or damage, it is all good natured.
  14. MCD

    MCD New Member

    The rules of buying or drinking alcohol in Spain are very different than in the United Kingdom or the States. For a start, you don't neccesarily need ID to buy alcohol as long as you look the legal age of the area you are in. However in Europe, most alcohol vendors do ask for passport identification and driving license if you are not from the area. Also, if you are caught driving with after drinking any alcohol, currently there is a 2 year jail sentence - in Spain especially they are clamping down on alcohol comsumption.

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