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Discussion in 'Canada' started by travelchic, Dec 12, 2007.

  1. travelchic

    travelchic New Member

    do i need an international driver's license to rent a car?
  2. David-Ffitch

    David-Ffitch New Member

    An international driver's license is not needed to drive and I think that means it is not needed to rent.
  3. steffie1100

    steffie1100 New Member

    That is correct, you will not need a international drivers license to rent a car.
  4. travelchic

    travelchic New Member

    As long as it's in english, right?
  5. travelchic

    travelchic New Member

    thanks anyway guys!
  6. bikinimobility

    bikinimobility New Member

    Not exactly sure, but I think it depends on what province your in as each province in Canada has their own drivers license as far as I know. But I don't do a whole lot of traveling yet, which is why I joined up to this web forum.
  7. bikinimobility

    bikinimobility New Member

    I didn't know there was an international drivers license. Does that work throughout Canada?

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