Driving From Flagstaff to Moab

Discussion in 'Utah' started by Justmyluk, Jun 23, 2014.

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    If you plan to drive from Flagstaff to Moab there are a couple of routes you can take. One is going south on 191 from Moab to Monument Valley and down to Flagstaff, which takes around 7 hours. The other route and more scenic way is driving up to I-70, west to 24, then head south. You'll find many nice spots to stop along the way such as San Rafael Swell/Reef area, Little Wild Horse Canyon, Robber's Roost, and Moonshine Wash.
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    The fastest route to get to Flagstaff from Moab is from Hurricane to Colorado City (Hwy 59) to Fredonia (389), over the Kiabab Plateau (Jacob's Lake) to Lee's Ferry (89A) and then Hwy 89 to Flagstaff. This route is fast though there aren't hardly any services on this route, aside from a few gas stations with meager convenience stores.
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    There is nowhere better than Moab for mountain biking though getting to Moab is sometimes an adventure in itself. If you do travel to Moab I recommend pre-arranging somewhere to stay because Moab can be very crowded in springtime, especially on weekends, or during any of the several big festivals. Hotel rooms are hard to find and expensive, and most every campsite will be full too.

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