Driving from Podgorica to Tirana

Discussion in 'Montenegro' started by alfosnsoriviera, May 23, 2011.

  1. alfosnsoriviera

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    I'm planning to drive (by car rental) from Podgorica to Tirana. Could anyone tell me how long this takes and the best route to follow? Thanks.
  2. Ruby

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    I had a look and the fastest route seems to be via the Hani i Hotit border post and on via Shkodra. This route will take around 4 hours.

    The stretch closes to the border is narrow and winding lanes, though the roads are in good condition. However, most of the way to Shkodra is potholed, though from there to Tirana it's 2 hours over good quality fast roads.

    Once in Tirana, the best route in town is actually via the airport as it's new roads and less busy. Then, at the Fushe Kruja flyover turn right towards Durres/airport, and then a while further left to the airport, before the terminals turning right on the roundabout with the large Mother Teresa statue, joining the Durres-Tirana highway a few km further.

    En route, Shodra and Kruja are well worth a few hours (and in the case of Kruja, a 30 minute a detour) if you have time.

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