Driving in Crete

Discussion in 'Greece' started by JeroninomFG, Jan 21, 2014.

  1. JeroninomFG

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    Driving around Crete is straight forward all over the island and you won't need a sat nav aside from the usual free car hire maps to get about. Also, all road signs in Crete are in both English and Greek, which makes driving here even better.
  2. DaneDegale

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    speed limits in Crete

    Most roads in Crete are quiet but in the centre of the large towns driving isn't as pleasant so it's best to use the bus system when you can. For venturing around the island, though car rental is great. Do watch out for speed limits. It's about 50mph outside of the cities, and 60mph + on the National Road.
  3. DonaWeko

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    Driving in Crete isn't so bad if you're from the US. They drive on the right, the same as in the States, though be aware that the hard shoulders can end suddenly and that they are very narrow. Other than that, yes the traffic signs are generally in English, though some are in Greek.
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    Driving is not a problem in Crete. You'll be fine most of the time. But while going to the little hidden bays, expect very narrow roads. Driving in the centre may also be a little bit problematic, but that's just like everywhere else.

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