Driving in the Czech Republic

Discussion in 'Czech Republic' started by OldMemphis, Mar 4, 2014.

  1. OldMemphis

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    Wondering what is it like to drive in the Czech Republic? Right off the bat i will say that the cities are not very car-friendly...way too much traffic, expensive parking, etc. In the countryside, the driving is quite nice though. Overall, i suggest opting out of car rental in the cities because the trains and buses go everywhere, and fairly frequently.
  2. Driospo90

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    If you're coming from the US you will feel the difference and will take a little while to get used driving in the Czech. The speed limit on the freeway is 130 km/h (80 miles/ph) and you will need to get familiar with international traffic signs. Buy toll sticker for freeways at the first gas station after the border. In Czech Republic there is zero tolerance of alcohol behind the wheel, so no drinking.
  3. Nofear333

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    A few years back I heard they introduced the Czech driving licence penalty points system where driving under the influence will cost you 7 points! I don't quite know how this applies to tourists and expat residents who still hold their international driving license. I guess if you dont have a Czech driving licence they can only fine you?

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