driving into Gibraltar for a day trip

Discussion in 'Gibraltar' started by NileRiver22, May 24, 2013.

  1. NileRiver22

    NileRiver22 New Member

    Just a quick shout for tourists thinking of driving into Gibraltar for a day trip. If you've never been to Gibraltar be prepared for long massive queues like you wouldn't believe. The truth is you can never predict them but this last week the queues have gone from Gibraltar
    to Europa Point and taken most people in excess of 4 hours to cross the border. I would suggest to avoid driving if possible and walk in;)
  2. hitchmaker

    hitchmaker New Member

    Driving into Gibraltar can be a nightmare because of the border crossing. I too suggest to park in La Linea (Spain) and walk across but remember that parking in Gibraltar is limited an that it's a long walk from the border to hotels, though you can get a taxi or bus.
  3. TmaszAdam

    TmaszAdam New Member

    Most people walk across to avoid the wait and the lines, plus driving in Gibraltar itself is not a easy thing. Get the red bus on the right hand side as you exit the border into Gibraltar.
  4. udontget4

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    When I did the drive into Gibraltar the lines on the Spanish side were long but it only took me less than 20 mins to go across the border. I suspect the long queues must be on the way back into Spain. I wouldn't know since it was car rental we were using. If you can, try to avoid the evening rush hour to make the crossing more pleasant.

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