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    I don't know if most people know this but i wanted to share on this forum an experience I had driving from Croatia into Slovenia where I ended up forking out as much as $200 in a fine. Basically, when driving through the highways in Slovenia, you must purchase a vignette or toll sticker to travel on the highways. I didn't do this because none-one told us this.

    To cut the story short, upon returning to the border crossing to Croatia the border police said about us not having a toll sticker in the windshield and that we would have to pay a fine of 150 euros (more than $200) before we were allowed to go thru.
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    Types of vignette

    yep, you learnt the hard way. the never say you have to buy it but you sure find out on your way out. You're lucky you didn't get fined 800 euros like others have. there are different types of toll stickers you can get: weekly cost 15 euros and monthly cost 30 euros.
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    A Slovenian vignette is not required in all motorways..a example of this is motorway Maribor - Ptuj, Ptuj bypass. Also, you can try avoiding motorway routes like Zagreb - Maribor - Graz and use alternative routes like Graz - Pesnica to access Maribor, but remember speed traps near near Pesnica which are there to catch unaware drivers.
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    Slovenian Travel Tip

    If you don't want to hire a car and drive in Slovenia, consider hiring a private guide. I found it best to hire a private guide than driving solo. It's quite affordable and I was able to enjoy my vacation better. While the guide did the driving I enjoyed his local view and went to places off the beaten path.

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