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Discussion in 'Canada' started by Steve, Mar 25, 2007.

  1. Steve

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    First post. We are an Australian family coming to Canada in December 07 for 2 weeks skiing in Whistler and then a wedding in Winnipeg on the 16th December. We have 3 young children under 10 and we are trying to plan our trip.

    Wanting to hear some local knowledge on whether it is reasonable to be able to drive Vancouver to Winnipeg in 3 days with a little sightseeing or should we fly. $700 per person return flight makes the driving very attractive.
  2. wakingdream

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    I believe you can make the drive and fit in some sightseeing as well. Wiki answers says that it is 25 hours driving time non-stop, about 1450 kilometers, so that should leave you plenty of time to have some fun!
  3. memelabs

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    Yep, you can do it. Vancouver -> Calgary in one day (10 - 12 hours depending on how often you stop) or you can go halfway to Kelowna or the Rockies. Then to Saskatoon (about 8 hours from Calgary) or Regina... and then to Winnipeg from there,

    It's a LOT of driving. I've done it with my family when I was a kid; we used to stop at rest stops and boardwalks on the #1 Highway but always made pretty good time.
  4. yvrsean

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    I doubt if driving in winter would have the same beautiful experience as in the summer.
    It would be dangerous for the family, plus daytime is short.
    Unless there is no snow and the road is dry, then it is OK.

    Summer is the best, would be like driving in the pictures.

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