dublin or not? help please!!!

Discussion in 'Ireland' started by alcatfmu, Nov 12, 2007.

  1. alcatfmu

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    hi everyone. i'm trying to decide on a vacation destination, and dublin is one of my options. i will be going mid-march. i'm going with my boyfriend, we're both in our 20s. we love to go out dancing, meeting new people, shopping, and eating at unique restaurants. we love great architecture and scenic views. and of course it has to be romantic. :) i'm worried about the weather that time of year in dublin. i imagine the scenery will not be that calming green we have all seen in pictures. is ireland a good place for a couple like us to go? if not, any other ideas?
  2. ftuley

    ftuley New Member

    Dublin is a great idea, Ireland offers huge variety in things to do and welcomes over five million visitors every year. There is a saying that in Ireland there are no strangers, only friends you have yet to meet. The Irish are warm and welcoming, and have made conversation an art form and the pursuit of it a national pastime. The pace of life is relaxed, so there is always time for talk. there the magnificent Dublin Castle in the capital city, the Dublin Zoo that offers more than the typical lions, tigers, and bears.You’ll see unique animals in Ireland like the Galway sheep without any horns. St Patricks Cathedral is a great place to visit while in Dublin. Services are held every day of the year and a beautiful park north of the cathedral is home to statues of prominent Irish writers. The Guinness Brewery, no trip to Dublin (or even Ireland) would be complete without a trip to the famed Guinness Brewery. For many beer enthusiasts, a visit to the brewery is almost a pilgrimage of sorts. And for your night fun you have
    The Silver Granite Address: Kennelsfort Road, Palmerstown, Dublin 20, fun staff - always a good band playing. And the Arc Cafe Bar Address: Liffey Valley Shopping Centre, Fonthill Road, Dublin 22-Late Bar, Pick up Bar, Cosy, Romantic, Music = DJ, Beer Garden,you cant fault the service and the atmosphere is electric with the DJ playing excellent music, Arc is a great bar to start a romantic night out.The DJ always plays the latest music to get you in the mood for dancing or even to start dancing there which many people do on many occasions. If you haven't been its definitely a place to put on your list. Or The Front Lounge Address: 33 Parliament Street, Dublin 2 also is a great pub.
    If you liking for a more modern feel, Dublin has a range of stylish new modern bars with sleek designs and colourful decor including Café En Seine, Ocean Bar, Pravda, 4 Dame Lane, The Front Lounge, The Globe, Thomas Read, Zanzibar and The Morrison Bar. Over the last decade, Dublin Pub Culture has seen the emergence of the music bar with many pubs making space for dance floors and DJs for a night of dancing to quailty music including The Dice Bar, Sine E, Thomas House, Anseo, Hogans, Whelans, Doyles, The Village, Solas and the Voodoo Lounge. You will have fun there that is for sure!
    Hope this helps! Enjoy Dublin.

    Some links for you to take a look and help you decide: Things to do in Ireland, Flights To Ireland, Dublin Hotels,

    Ps. it will be cold wear several layers of clothing, rather than one or two "bulky" layers.
  3. schoooter

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    Is there any way we could travel together and save on expenses all 'round? I just posted my note--
  4. tella.star

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    this is some place you need to try to visit when you are in dublin.

    Kilmainham Gaol Historical Museum
    Traditional Irish Music Pub Crawl
    Christ Church Cathedral
    The Long Hall-is a proper old Victorian bar. It's is almost completely authentic.
    Dublin Castle-This well-preserved 13th-century castle once served as the seat of the Irish monarchy.
  5. butterflydog

    butterflydog New Member

    does anyone knows good clubs (house music) in dublin or any other suggestions where to go out at night?
  6. IvanSweden

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    if you are in the Temple Bar, you'll find everything you need there. just stay south of the Liffey River and you'll be spoilt for choice whether it's the folk or house music you into!

    do not wear sneakers though - that's a no go at the gates in most of the clubs.

    dark, casual shoes are the best choice.
  7. deepakbisht

    deepakbisht New Member

    Yes, try Dublin and specially the Hotel near Dublin Airport are famous for night life, clubs and bars.
  8. oscarcruise

    oscarcruise New Member

    Dublin is one of the beautiful place in the world rich in natural beauty and blesses with appealing culture.It has wide range of hotels and restaurants started from small old hotel to big castles.I agree that its is one of the best vacation spot, you must plan a trip to Ireland :)
  9. deepakbisht

    deepakbisht New Member

    I agree with you Mr. Oscarcruise. Trip to Ireland will always be fun.
  10. julietita

    julietita New Member

    I've heard Cork is waaay better... I've never been to Ireland. That's just what I hear, rumours and stuff =)
  11. Languedoc Villa

    Languedoc Villa New Member

    Dublin is great - big enough to have things happening and small enough to be able to navigate!
    And the only city with 3 nobel prizewinners for literature!

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