Duece Double Decker Strip Bus

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  1. JackR

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    The Duece Double Decker bus runs the Las Vegas strip and makes a 17.25-mile loop along the Strip, from the South Strip Transfer Terminal at the south end of the Strip to the Downtown Transportation Center at the north end of the Strip. It makes 73 stops along the route. It can accomodate up to 97 people and the rate are pretty cheap.

    The Deuce One Ride $2
    24-hr. All Access Pass $5 also good on The Deuce, CAT and MAX
    Full Fare 30-Day Pass $40
    All CAT and MAX routes $1.25
    24-Hour Residential Pass $2.50 (All non-Strip routes)

    You can get a Route Map here:
  2. Racefamily

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    If you are going to be doing any walking/sightseeing.....I highly recommend the $5 day pass.....you can walk till you are blue in the face then jump on the bus to get back to your hotel and such. There is a LOT of walking to do on the strip!
  3. joe

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    Yeah I've heard that a lot of first-timers completely underestimate the amount of walking involved on the Strip and after a day or two are just weary as hell, reduced to calling cabs simply to get a coffee in the morning.
  4. Conti

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    I've been to Las Vegas and yes- there is a lot of walking to do. It's much easier to take a bus or cab.

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