Dunn's River Falls tips

Discussion in 'Jamaica' started by Vagabonde, Nov 12, 2013.

  1. Vagabonde

    Vagabonde New Member

    Here it's a few tips if you are planning to visit these falls:
    1. Bring a waterproof camera
    2. The climb up the falls is very steep so if you have weak legs use the help of a guide
    3. Bring a water-proof pouch to keep your money and other belongings
    4. Don't look down if you have issues with heights
    5 .Don't drink any alcohol prior to climbing

    Dunn's River falls are awesome and the view of the ocean is priceless!
  2. zara12

    zara12 New Member

    Dunns falls are awesome..I did this trip while on a cruise, though I did not take the ships tour and took a taxi there instead. A fellow passenger suggested this to me and im glad i did because the taxi was only $20 there and back plus entry to the Falls. Do bring rubber soled, sturdy shoes to wear while walking up the falls or else you will have to buy them there (pricey) because you are not allowed to the falls barefoot.
  3. Kharmabeatz

    Kharmabeatz New Member

    Dunn's River Falls is sure an experience... best you do this attraction in the late afternoon (like 3pm) or early morning (8am) to avoid catching a cruise ship crowd.. You'll find all the crowds have left by then and you'll have the place almost to yourself;)
  4. Pepperzzine

    Pepperzzine New Member

    I agree this place is great but only when it isn't crowded! Dunn's falls are also a little bit over commercialized but hey it comes with the territory. ~When climbing so wear water shoes because it's slippery.

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