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Discussion in 'Greece' started by wladimirloco, May 27, 2011.

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    Hi all,

    I've been invited to a wedding this summer and I understand my nearest airport to Sparta is Athens. I know I can hire a car but how are the roads for a first time visitor and would there be an easier transport option such as train or bus? What's your opinion on the easiest/best route?
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    Driving from Athens to Sparta would not be a bad journey at all, though you will need to drive via tripoli. The stretch from the airport to Tripoli is highway so it's easy and fast, though the last bit of road to Sparta is winding and narrow.

    By the way, car rental isn't just the only transportation option, there are about a dozen buses a day between Athens-Sparta. To go this way you would have to catch the bus to Kiffisos bus station, from right outside the terminal and pay 3.20 euros.

    From Kiffisos it's then a direct bus to Sparta, which used to take 4 hrs, but with the new highways open, it'll take about 3 hrs now and cost 20 euros

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