East Coast Storm/New England Ski resorts

Discussion in 'Ski Areas' started by wanderer, Feb 7, 2013.

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    If you watched the weather or checked the news, you've probably heard about the big storm that's working its way towards New York and the New England. It could drop between 1 and 2 feet of snow. While that will make for some rough roads for a bit, the good news is great skiing conditions. Many people who are already at the resorts are extending their stay. If you're not there now, I'd recommend waiting until the storm passes to hit the slopes. There should be plenty of snow next week. They're saying it could be the worst storm in 10 years. That should be good for the Vermont and New Hampshire ski resorts.
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    New York and US East Coast blizzards

    Great! Just the last thing recovering New York needed. This winter storm will no doubt cripple transport across huge areas of the East Coast, as well as domestic and transatlantic flights to and from New York and Boston.
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    it is looking like a merciful winter this year...I hope people from those parts are stocking up on food and other storm supplies because I heard New York City is expecting already up to 14 inches of snow
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    it looks like they expect the storm to hit hard this weekend, though I heard reports of 28 inches of snow at Boston's Logan airport and cars sitting buried in Southington Connecticut.

    Also, anyone heard about Pirscilla Arenas? it's the woman who was buried under snow who wrote a letter to her children as she spent the night in her car in Farmingville after the car got stuck in the snow while traveling home after work

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