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Discussion in 'Colorado' started by gruposd212, Nov 13, 2013.

  1. gruposd212

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    Eating out in Aspen can leave a bit of a hole in your pocket but if you know where to go you won't have to worry. A few places I suggest for enjoying some cheap eats are: Poppycocks (for breakfast), the Grill Next Door (they sell hamburgers, fries, grilled chicken), Johnny Mcguire's (subway type sandwiches) and Red Onion (this place offers American and Mexican dishes).
  2. J.M.Kolazov

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    definitely forget about eating at the resort restaurant. You can pick up sandwiches and burgers for less than 10 bucks at Bad Billy’s and at the Butcher’s (they do lovely homemade meatloaf sandwiches)
  3. Divaa

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    The best way to eat cheaply in Aspen, especially during ski season, is to dine during apres ski happy hour specials, which most Aspen's restaurant-bars offer. Big Wrap and Zane's Tavern are great for folks on a budget;)
  4. Bebo

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    If you're in Aspen and want to enjoy a nice breakfast I'd recommend going to the Victoria's Espresso & Wine Bar. They serve handmade yogurts as well as fresh pastries, sandwiches and fresh coffee. This bar is located on Mill Street, just across from Wagner Park.

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