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    hello, can someone tell me about the opportunities for ecotourism in Mauritius? where do people go to explore nature and what kind of activities are popular. That kinda thing! many thanks
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    Exploring the island's scenic natural reserves is one of the most popular ways to get up-close to nature. In the Yemen National Park, you can do a Jeep safari to explore the park's rivers and wildlife.

    You can also do mountain climbing, hiking, kayaking and trekking through fields and get lovely views of coastal regions.

    Also, you can find more opportunity for eco-tourism in Mauritius at the SSR Botanical Gardens. These gardens have a large collection of indigenous and exotic plants such as giant water lilies and Talipot Palms.
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    Eco tourism in Mauritius attracts a large number of tourist on the island mainly those who like nature. When you hear talking about Mauritius it is mainly about the sea, the beach and the sun but Mauritius has also its green part.

    If you like to explore the forests, do mountain climbing, of course it is possible to do it in Mauritius too; you may enjoy the spectacular waterfalls surrounded with green vegetation or some adventure as canoeing down the rivers.
    There is in Mauritius magnificent parks waiting for your visit. Lot of tour operators offer eco tourism packages for those who adore nature.

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