Ecuador and its Beautiful Beaches

Discussion in 'Ecuador' started by Vicolette, Mar 20, 2012.

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    If your vacation is taking you to South America this year and you want the best of everything including beaches, consider visiting Ecuador. The country has it all with miles of beach perfect for swimming, surfing, parasailing and hang-gliding over the Pacific Ocean. How cool is that!

    Visit during the wet season that runs from January through May for the optimal in clear skies, sunny days, and light rain. You'll have your choice of atmospheres from busy resorts to quiet towns with serene beach locations.
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    four seassons in one day

    January through May is a nice time but it all depends whether you're going to the Galapagos, the coast or the Amazon. I'd say that from May thru November are the best months along the northern Pacific coast, while February isn't a good time to be in the jungle because of the rain. This is the thing about Ecuador...sometimes you can have all four seassons in one day!
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    February is when Carnaval is celebrated

    apart from the rainy weather, don't forget that February is when Carnaval is celebrated, which is one good reason to be in Ecuador in the first place. Overall, the Amazon and the mountain areas have pretty consistent weather patterns year round. If you visit anytime between May and November, you should be all right;)
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    Ecuador is underrated

    Ecuador is so underrated as a beach destination, though im glad because it isn't as horded as other touristy spots in the americas. Mind you, some of the beaches in Ecuador like Atacamas are proper party spots, though many of the beaches there are really beautiful.

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