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    How to reach Pyramids of Giza from Cairo. Are there any public transports available or do we need to rent a car? Do the rental car drivers speak / understand English? We would like to avoid crowds, so when is the best time to visit Giza with out any crowd? Can any one help on this...
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    You can a hire a private taxi from Cairo to Pyramids of Giza. It takes only 30 minutes travel from Cairo, but it may take more than 60 mins if the traffic is heavy. Public buses are also available, and it's very cheap. In Cairo, most people do not speak or understand English, only Arabic. But some of the Egypt car rental drivers may know English and will understand what you say.

    In Cairo, the days are always hot and the nights are cool. The Weather will be comfortable & pleasant in October and November, so you can book during this time. December and January are the peak tourist seasons, and the rates are very expensive.

    I have visited Giza Pyramids and Red Pyramid & Bent Pyramid at Dahshur necropolis. No visit to Cairo would be complete without seeing the Egyptian pyramids. So visit the world famous pyramids and enjoy your Cairo vacation.
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