Eiffel Tower Closed

Discussion in 'France' started by d360, Jun 26, 2013.

  1. d360

    d360 Administrator

    The Eiffel Tower, has been shut down because of a strike.

    The company that manages the tower says the CGT union, which represents most of the Eiffel Tower’s 300 workers, called the walkout Tuesday morning. The management and the union are in negotiations this week over salary raises, company profit-sharing policy and other issues.
  2. Skysong46

    Skysong46 New Member

    I feel sorry for those travelers who are in Paris now and just realized the Eiffel Tower is closed because of strikes. I would have been really disappointed if that was me because It would have been the highlight of the trip. Saying this, it's so strange the tower is closed because of strikes....so bizarre.
  3. HelloPitti!

    HelloPitti! New Member

    It's not just the eiffel tower...also, the colosseum have been closed because of industrial action. This is taking place all across Europe so you can expect more tourist attractions to close leaving tourists disappointed.
  4. caligura

    caligura New Member

    I can understand tourists' frustration because of these closures but I can't say Im surprised that it happened. I know workers at the Colosseum have been complaining for years to get the government to repair the Colosseum.
  5. d360

    d360 Administrator

    Eiffel Tower reopened on Thursday
  6. heavychapm

    heavychapm New Member

    I knew the strike wouldn't go on for longer than a couple of days...the Eiffel tower receives about 25k tourists every day and charges around $25 per person. if do the math (I have = that's about $625k per day in revenue), you'd realize that the Eiffel tower strike wouldn't go on for long.

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