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    Heading to El Salvador for the first time in Oct and booked at Hotel Tazumal House for 4 nights near the Los Cobanos beach. I could not be able to find other attractions in El Salvador. I saw someone recommend for a short day hike at Volcan Santa Ana. Is it worth going there or any recommendations on some must see places. Thanks all for any info.
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    From history, culture to the outdoors, to El Salvador has no shortage of things to do and see. Key attractions are plentiful including Lake Coatepeque, Lake Ilopango, Tazumal, El Boqueron National Park, National Palace, Monumento al Divino Salvador del Mundo and Montecristo National Park.

    Santa Ana is the highest and most active volcano in El Salvador. A 4 hour road trip hike to the Santa Ana volcano will be done by guides to ensure a safe trip to the top. The views are incredible. The hike is not too difficult, so you can enjoy the pleasant and relaxing environment. Yes, it's worth taking a hiking trip when you're there. I really liked it. I think you too. Have a nice El Salvador tour :)

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