El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala?

Discussion in 'El Salvador' started by Noiukp, Apr 28, 2011.

  1. Noiukp

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    I am flying into El Salvador (San Salvador Airport) on Sep 21st and leaving from Honduras (San Pedro Sula) on Octo 5th. I will definitely be spending time in El Salvador and Honduras, but cannot decide whether to include Guatemala in my travels... will doing so mean that I have to rush the other countries?
  2. Danny

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    El Salvador and Honduras is already pushing it in my opinion in 2 weeks so I wouldn't try to cram more in. In fact, if it was my trip I'd pick only one country.

    Honestly, you won't have much time for either.You will skim the surfaces of both countries at best. Remember these countries dont have freeways so travel isn't really speedy, though there are plenty of buses so you can get around.
  3. Alex211

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    Elsalvador is a good place to travel to especially because of its nearby volcanoes and many sites and scenes. It is suggested that you first start your travel expedition in San Salvador before going to the outskirts. You should also consult your travel agent or a friend living in Elsalvador if you intend to go there.
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    El Salvador is safe

    I remember the first time I landed in El Salvador....all I knew about this place was the infamous MS 13 gang who are supposed to be all terrible and dangerous. Of course, back here in the US we're fed fear 24/7 and give the people a narrow perspective of El Salvador. I met many people from El Salvador who were friendly and fun, and never felt in danger there.

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