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Discussion in 'El Salvador' started by Prendomino, Dec 1, 2014.

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    Not many people think of El Salvador as a vacation spot but the country is really nice. Lovely beaches, mountain scenery, lakes and volcanoes. When catching a taxi, go with a reputable taxi company like Acontaxis or Acacya. Hire a guide/tour if you want to learn about El Salvador history, culture, traditions. You have to visit Ruta de las Flores, the Volcanoes Park, Lake Coatepeque and Suchitoto city. Best place for water activities (like surfing) is at Playa El Tunco on La Libertad and Playa el Cuco.
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    El Tunco is pretty much a haven for backpackers so expect tons of young people wilding out. Still, you should come here if you wan to do some swimming, bogie boarding, and surfing. Another cool thing you must do there is climb the Boqueron Volcano to look down into it’s massive crater. There’s nothing like being on the rim of a Volcano i tell ya....
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    El Boqueron is a must

    El Boqueron has nice scenery and walking around the active volcano it's quite cool. You can drive up to El Boqueron but it's more fun to climb it. If you do, make sure to go early on in the day to avoid the high sun. The park closes at 5pm so keep this in mind...oh and don't forget to try El Salvador's famous pupusas :) They are delicious!

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