El Yunque is a must

Discussion in 'Puerto Rico' started by ohnogoon, Aug 20, 2014.

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    El Yunque is one of my favorite places in Puerto Rico. This rain-forest is gorgeous and Puerto Rico being a US territory, it means the El Yunque is part of the US national parks and forests. If you have a Golden Eagle Parks pass, you won't have to pay a penny to tour El Yunque though even then, entry to the park is $3 per person. Be sure to stop at La Coca Falls and climb to the top of Yokahu Tower to enjoy panoramic views first before heading into the Big Tree Trail.
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    If you plan to visit El Yunque bring water, snack bars, a rain jacket (or poncho) and swimming towels as you will be able to swim in the pools under the waterfalls there. Bring proper hiking boots,Crocs or sneakers, or any type of footwear that you don't mind getting wet, but not flip-flops.
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    El Yunque is easy to get to from San Juan and I too highly recommend going especially since there is no fee to get in. You just drive straight in and park at the trailhead for La Mina Falls, and within minutes you'll be in the heart of the jungle. The trail is easy to follow but there's a bit of moderate descending and climbing to do so like the last poster says no flipflops folks! Oh, on the way out of El Yunque be sure to stop by the watchtower to check out the amazing view.

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