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Discussion in 'UK' started by mitraveler, Jun 27, 2012.

  1. mitraveler

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    Big Ben is being renamed--Elizabeth Tower. The name comes in honor of the monarch's diamond jubilee and was granted by Parliament. As expected, the reaction is mixed. David Cameron is in favor, but a lot of average folks are wondering about it.

    I think it's a great idea, but I just can't see it sticking. What do you think about Big Ben and its new name?
  2. Sensingko

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    actually it's the bell that was named the Big Ben not the tower...most people in London don;t actually know this so renaming the tower is largely an irrelevance. Saying this, when I think to myself how the renaming of the Statue of Liberty would go down I would expect lots of folks not being happy about this.
  3. gofor45

    gofor45 New Member

    Elizabeth Tower vs Big Ben

    It may be known as the Clock Tower by the Palace of Westminster, but to thousands of people across the world (including me) it is known as Big Ben. While I can see that a tribute to the Queen is in order, to expect people to call Big Ben, the Elizabeth Tower, is going to take some getting used to!
  4. MedalOFHonor

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    bring back Big Ben

    The clock will always be known as Big Ben. The fact that the Tower apparently had another name I could not care less. I will continue to call it Big Ben and I believe most people at home and abroad feel this way so the fact it's been renamed Elizabeth Tower will continue to be ignored.
  5. alexpete80

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    The tower is renamed, whether it is bell or complete tower, the thing is that people have attached emotions and feelings with Big Ben therefore it is quite time taking for the folks to accept it, my point here is that what exactly the parliament is trying to do? they are honoring the monarch or Queen Elizabeth? The new generation might wander why because she can be the blood of monarch but is not representative, if they want to preserve glorious history and culture things should be renamed with earlier and earliest rulers of the monarch when the kingdom was literally run by them.
  6. mark90

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    Re: bring back Big Ben

    It is true all we need is the name and perception, I will also keep calling it Big Ben because the queen is here now but the Big Ben predates even USA.
  7. stewy01

    stewy01 New Member

    The name of the building is not that important because, its the reference that matters and as everyone calls it the Big Ben, i don't think even re-naming the bell would change that.
  8. walt50

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    I think we should move with the trends. And if now the name is changing we should accept the change. I always used to explain people how the building is not called the big ben, only the bell is. But no one seems to concur with it.

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