Elkhorn Creek whitewater rafting

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    If you’ve ever thought you’d like to learn how to go whitewater rafting, then a visit to Elkhorn Creek is just for you. Perfect for beginners, including adults and children, the 99-mile creek is set at class level 1-lll ideal for getting your water wings and paddling techniques up to par. You’ll meander along the scenic, remote waterway and learn how to negotiate some easy-going rapids that help prepare you for the more difficult runs. While making your way down the creek, you’re welcome to drop a line for some good fishing. Elkhorn Creek is just 45 minutes from Lexington. Plan and enjoy rafting trips from the spring through Labor Day. Enjoy the adventure!
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    Elkhorn Creek gorge section

    Yes, the Elkhorn Creek gorge section of Elkhorn Creek is a great spot for getting to grips with whitewater rafting and since it's only a class II is great for families and youth groups to spend the day learning how to paddle and get comfortable running whitewater rapids before moving on to more difficult runs. The Gorge section begins just below the Jim Beam Distillery Dam. Btw, do bring fishing poles because there is plenty of small mouth bass fishing to be done on Elkhorn Creek as well.
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    It always amazes me how pretty Kentucky is...I've driven through it a lot and vacationed there several times. I love the limestone hills that you see when you're driving between Cincy and Lexington. It sounds like I need to make a detour to Elkhorn Creek.

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