end of the world: 21 dec 2012

Discussion in 'Travel News' started by Geronimo-Giancila, Dec 20, 2012.

  1. Geronimo-Giancila

    Geronimo-Giancila New Member

    hey guys, just wanted to wish you all the best. The world is ending tomorrow but I am wondering how it will all end, though. Anyone has any ideas? Has anyone made any plans for tomorrow and what will you be doing while the world comes to a halt?
  2. yeung

    yeung New Member

    Hope you're not serious my friend because the world ain't ending tomorrow. It's all a hoax and a joke played on people, just like the turn of millennium (year 2000) was. Did anything happen that year then? no! Don't get me wrong, it's more than possible that events planned by the "powers at be" will take place tomorrow or new year. But the world somehow coming to a halt, I cannot see it happening
  3. dinohadzic

    dinohadzic New Member

    No end of the world..sorry!

    hey buddy, the world was never going to end..everyone knows that this whole dommsday thing about 21-12-12 was an invention of the mass media and movie makers to imagine countless ways the world could end. While some Hollywood plots are more far-fetched than others (like the year 2000), the 21-12-12 was just another apocalyptic-type hoax to have us (the common people) fearing our mortality.
  4. GiftWrapper33

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    Maya end of world brings in tourists

    hey, it was not all bad with hoaxes...they do help local economies hugely. Take for instance, the Lochness monster..it's a widely known hoax, yet still so many tourists travel there regardless. The End of the World nonsense on December 21 drew thousands of tourists to Mayan ruins like Chitzen Itza...so countries like Mexico more than welcomed the hoax.

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