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    I was looking for info on Estonia tourism and where do most people start their holiday in Estonia. Also, what kind of attractions does Estonia offer?
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    hi there,

    Estonia tourism as a whole offers plenty of cultural and outdoor activities and a chance to visit many stunning castles, historic churches and modern galleries.

    If you are traveling to Estonia, a great place to start your vacation is in the capital city of Tallinn as if offers many modern attractions and a great nightlife.

    If you're a nature lover it's well worth venturing out to see the rest of what the country has to offer, as the coast and forests areas are filled with nature trails, windmills and historic lighthouses.
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    Usually the majority head straight to the capital, Tallinn as it is a lovely city, lots of stuff to do, really gorgeous, later on the Hiiumaa or Saaremaa islands are superb if you want to see some countryside. Moreover, Haapsalu and Parnu, little, quite yet lovely resort towns are great for a day out.

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