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    hi, im looking for more information on Austria's events and festivals all year around, can we get some ideas please? thanks
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    hi there,

    Christmas time in Austria is a great time to catch the New Year's Day Concert in Vienna. It is held in the Musikverein and is famous the world round due to the Vienna Philharmonic featuring in the event. If you're planning to attend this year's concert it's best you start looking as tickets are hard to get.

    Another top Austria music festival or event is held every year in Salzburg, and it honors the city's favorite son, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. The event is held on January 27and lasts for 10 days.

    In general, both Salzburg and Vienna have large annual festivals that are among the largest Austria festivals you'll find. The Vienna Festival is held in May and June, and is a mix of concerts and operas, much like the Salzburg Festival, which spans the course of a month between July and August.

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