Ever left anything at a hotel?

Discussion in 'Hotels' started by wanderer, Jul 25, 2012.

  1. wanderer

    wanderer Moderator

    It's hard to remember everything at the end of the stay...and it's really easy to leave behind possessions. I was wondering if anyone had any stories about that? I probably have left behind things without even knowing, but I do remember one time.

    When I was in middle school, for some reason, we went to Peoria, Illinois and I left my favorite teddy bear pajamas at the hotel. My dad called and they mailed them back to me. Talk about great service. I can't imagine that happening today, but kudos to that staff.
  2. downtownPO

    downtownPO New Member

    cool you got your teddy bear back, though if that would've been your purse or valuable...anyways, back to the original question, I once forgot a favorite t-shirt and 19 karat gold earrings, which Im still gutted about!
  3. strechUFO

    strechUFO New Member

    Similar to Wanderer story....we left our kid's favorite doggy stuffed animal in a hotel room during our trip to Denver. Fortunately, a few minutes before our shuttle bus arrived she asked about it and we were able to go back to our room where it was still buried in her bed:)
  4. holidayguy

    holidayguy New Member

    OH MY GOD!! Its hard to forget the day i left my wallet in the room and realized it when i double checked my things once we vaccated..Thank god I got it back with no issues..
  5. asfardudu

    asfardudu New Member

    oh yes!

    lol, I forgot my iPod touch at a hotel and only realized when I got to the airport. I immediately called the hotel who were very helpful. They shipped it to me (at my expense, of course) via FedEx and got it the next day. Saying this, i wonder if I would've been as lucky if this happened somewhere abroad. oh well, i guess one day i may find out.

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