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    can we get advised on what currency to bring with us to Dom. Rep.? we're there for couple of weeks and ideally want to bring all in cash, but is there cash points there? thanks..:)
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    hi there,

    US dollars and Euros are the most easily exchangeable foreign currency into the local Dominican currency, the Dominican Pesos (RD).

    Exchange money in banks and independent money exchanges rather than airports, hotels/resorts, restaurants,as they offer a slightly lower rate of exchange.

    In a lot of the tourism destinations in the country, many of the hotels, restaurants and businesses indicate their prices in US dollars as well as in Dominican Pesos, and would actually prefer to be paid in US dollars.

    Major credit cards and traveler's checks are accepted at most of the larger hotels and resorts but the surcharge can be a bit too high!

    In the larger resort areas/towns/cities you will find banks that also have cash points which are accessible 24 hours per day.

    Hope this helps

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