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Discussion in 'Moldova' started by gurum, Nov 22, 2012.

  1. gurum

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    will be in Moldova for 2 weeks and i was wondering whether ATM's are readily available? would u suggets taking cash,or where u say is best to exchange money? Also, can someone tell me about crossing the border between Transnistria and Moldova-proper and how much it may cost?
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    Yes, the centre of Chisinau has plenty of atm's but not all of them take debit. Most of them take credit cards, so it's best you carry them. As well as that, take some cash with you and if you have to exchange money is best you avoid the heart of the centre. The exchange places out of the centre of Chisinau normally offer the best exchange rates.
  3. 12truper

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    I forgot to mention...As far as crossing the border between Transnistria and Moldova is just like most border crossings. Sometimes it's smooth, sometimes isn't. It depends on the border people on the day whether you'll get hassled. Fees-wise, it's about a couple dollars but I've heard of border guards asking more. Best not to argue with them, unless you speak Russian.
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    my advice on money

    Don't rely on ATM's for money anywhere you go because they're sometimes difficulty to use and the ATM's may end up swallowing your card. I never had problems with ATMS but I've heard of times ATM's retaining the person's card and not be able to get it back. Og by the way, forget taking traveller's cheques because they will be of little or no use in Moldova.

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