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Discussion in 'Australia' started by travel portrait, Sep 5, 2007.

  1. travel portrait

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    I'm presently looking for a cheap travel package to Australia from travel sites. I noticed however that most of them are very expensive. Is it really expensive to live and to go to Australia? Do you have any suggestion or recommended sites where we can have a trip to Australia without squeezing a penny out of our budget?
  2. ftuley

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    Australia can be expensive I have to agree with you but I also think is worth the money to see such beautiful and sophisticated cities, to see so much beauty (at least once).
    A travel package is not always the cheapest way to to go, you can check this link Flights to Australia you might find what you are looking for.
    Also you can take a look at Sydney Hostels and Sydney Hotels and you have Melbourne Hotels, this one I think is very atractive Perth Hotels.
    Another Perth accommodation offering plenty of comfort is the Sandringham Hotel Perth, also known as Sandringham Village.
    The Sandringham is a resort village, located about ten minutes from the heart of Perth. One of the aims of the Sandringham Hotel Perth is to offer a less expensive alternative to some other Perth hotels.
    Australia Tours might be useful to you also.
    Have a great time!
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    When I plan for international travel I use tripadvisor.com. It has heaps of hotels for Australia as well as cheap deals. I'm not sure what the cheapest flights would be but my QANTAS is an Australian airline that is really good.

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