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    November is for me the best time to visit Argentina because of the good/warm weather. As far as exploring the country, there are domestic flights but car hire offers the best way to discover this beautiful land. There are also long distance modern buses that service much of the country. Whichever way, do remember that Arhentina is big. Buenos Aires to Mendoza is about 13 hrs by bus
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    Argentina is so huge

    Argentina is so huge you cannot really see it all in one trip. Iguazzu Falls is awesome and so is Argentina’s glacier country. Plan to visit between October and April so that you can go trekking on the Perito Moreno Glacier, which is about 40 miles from El Calafate town where you will most likely be staying. Don’t bother renting a car because transportation is included in the price of the trekking excursions. Have fun!
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    if you are fan of nature and wildlife, head to Cordoba. Places like the ​​Mar Chiquita inland sea and the wetlands of the Saladillo river are home to flamingos, seagulls, ducks and other aquatic species. Other than that, you can do also wine tours in Mendoza if you like your wine. A couple of wineries I suggest are Lagarde Winery and Cava de Cano Winery.

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