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    hi guys,

    My partner and I are planning a once in a lifetime trip to Seychelles to explore its wildlife and nature? Can you guys suggest best places in Seychelles to do this? thanks so much!
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    hi there,

    The Veuve Reserve is certainly one of the best places in Seychelles to get in touch with nature. The Veuve Reserve offers great bird-watching opportunities as it is home rare types of birds.

    This reserve is also home to hiking the trails that allows you the opportunity to view Paradise Flycatchers, and spot giant sea turtles and Swiflets, which are another rare bird species.

    The Vallee de Mai Reserve, which is found on nearby Praslin Island, and the Morne Seychellois National Park on the main island of Mahe are also two great places to explore the nature.

    Hope this helps

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