Exploring Verdon Gorge

Discussion in 'France' started by Pauseover, Aug 5, 2014.

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    If you plan to explore south-eastern France, be sure to add to your itinerary the stunning river canyon - Verdon Gorge. You can rent a paddle boat in Les Salles sur Verdon and go up the gorge. There are also walking paths along much of the gorge but there are mostly for experienced fit hikers with proper equipment.
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    I visited this Gorge during my last trip to southern France and I did with a hired car to make it easier getting around the gorge. The rivers there looked so clean and beautiful. The only thing was the hordes of tourists at that time of the year, so I wouldn't recommend going there in August. Early June during lavender's bloom would be the best time to visit the area.
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    hiking Verdon Gorge

    The best vantage points/views of the gorge are found along the north rim of the gorge (D952). If want to hike up the gorge, head over to La Grande Randonnee which passess nearby the northern rim of the gorge and can be used to link up with a few smaller local tracks down into the gorges.

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